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Our Focus

To provide the Actionable, Accountable, Affordable and Apprehensible solutions for companies to continuously improve their ESG initiative for a better world through the changes of people, company and social behaviors.

Our Edges

a person doing a research about plants
  • IOT Device
  • Consortium Blockchain
  • Gamification Modules
  • Experts from different areas
  • Expand influence to different industries
brown framed eyeglasses
  • ESG penetration to different industries
  • Expand the solution to Great Bay Area

ESG Market Challenges

High Cost
High Cost
  • Hiring auditing companies to provide a professional ESG report is a huge cost
  • Time consuming to understand ESG policy standards and related terms
Hard Landing for GRIS
Difficult to implement
  • Hard to collect ESG data
  • Hard to measure and calculate the data
Incompatible Standard
Incompatible Standard
  • ESG requirement differs in various industries
  • No universal standard